Education Assistance

SGMC’s Education Assistance Program provides financial assistance to employees who are obtaining a degree or wish to enter an accredited academic program related to the employee’s current profession or another healthcare related profession.

RN Scholarship Program

SGMC offers the chance for anyone who has been accepted to enroll in a Register Nurse program (ADN or BSN) to be considered for a scholarship upon receipt of all required information. This scholarship is available to both employees and non-employees.

RN Scholarship Program FAQ

What if I am receiving financial aid from other sources, like Pell Grant, Hope Scholarship or a Graduate Assistant Waiver?
       We take into account any source of financial aid which reduces your overall cost of tuition. You cannot be reimbursed for more than you pay in tuition.

What if I am using student loans?
       Since student loans are borrowed, they do not reduce the amount you pay for school. You can still receive education assistance through SGMC if you are using student loans.

What programs are eligible for tuition reimbursement?
       Programs which lead to a degree in the healthcare field are eligible for tuition reimbursement and any program which is directly related to your current position at SGMC. Occasionally, an exception may be made by the director of Human Resources to allow programs that are in high demand but unrelated to your current role.

For additional questions regarding RN Scholarship please contact Lindsey Broome at 229.259.4739 or email lindsey.broome@SGMC.ORG
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